Day 4: The Last Day

Sorry this is more than a day late! I flew out very early and was traveling alllllll day Tuesday, so it just had to wait. But I know you all NEED to know how my last full Scottsdale day went, and so I am here. I will fill you in. Not to worry.

Most of the day was spent lounging around the living room of Mariah's apartment and watching TV with her boyfriend, Chris. And let me just give you a little back story here. I did not meet Chris until one year ago when we went out for drinks with Mariah and her sister while she was home in Maine on one of her whirlwind visits. I have known Mariah since we were 12 or so, and she and Chris have been dating for three years now. So it was kind of crazy that we hadn't met.

However, their long distance circumstances when the relationship began (Indianapolis-Boston) made him pretty darn hard to meet. They, understandably, wanted to spend alone time with each other when they did get see each other in person. Then Mariah moved to Indiana to be with him, and now they live in Scottsdale. You get the idea. Before this trip, I had only met Chris the once. But I sure had heard lots about him! And I was really happy to get to spend some time with just him and see what a sweet and thoughtful person he is. Not to mention, we discovered our mutual love of bad TV. Specifically bad food TV. A+ in my book.

Throughout this trip, these two were scheming ways to move me out there. Pure flattery. I love it! I think the plan we left it on was moving into their spare bedroom for the rental price of  "doing all the cooking," but it was like being in an episode of Shark Tank with all of their ideas on how to catapult my business! Though I have to say... don't count this option out, people! Maybe I want to do a pastry program at Le Cordon Bleu? An internship at Sprinkles? And who wouldn't want to do something new and scary knowing that there are friends in it with you?

Back to my last day... I spent much of the morning uploading the Day 3 post. It was an epic battle with the internet (it kept resetting!), and I'm not sure if I won entirely as it took me multiple hours to get everything set. But it got done, nonetheless.

After that was accomplished, I decided that I needed to get some sun. I mean, after all, I need a little something to show for the fact that I was out in the scorching Southwestern heat for 4 days! So I slathered on some sunscreen and headed to the pool at Mariah and Chris' apartment complex. I had been forewarned about the college students that frequent the pool... But to my pleasant surprise, it was nearly empty when I got there. I took out my book, set up camp on a hot and toasty pool chair, and got to getting some sun. And then the collegians started to pour in...

The lovely pool (photo: Mariah)

Fluorescent bikinis, tribal tattoos, coolers filled with beer and other alcohol, endless cigarettes, and a football that kept being missed and ended up splashing me more than once. Not my favorite crew, that's for sure. But the pool was lovely! Despite being very, very hot (could not touch my feet to the ground or any part of my body to the pool chair). And Chris and I managed to relax, get a little tan, and swim to keep from melting in the sun.

Then we met Mariah at Fashion Square. This fancy schmancy mall allowed us a little shopping, a fun happy hour at Kona Grill (try the avocado egg roll!), and a seriously delicious frozen yogurt from Yogurtology (there is a topping bar, and they charge you by the pound upon check out!). Such a lovely end to a lovely trip <3

Avocado egg roll with honey cilantro dipping sauce.

Fried calamari. Old stand-by.

Twist with every kind of candy bar. Obviously.

If you have to get up at the crack of dawn to travel all day, this is exactly the kind of relaxing that I want to do beforehand. Thank you so much for having me, and I miss you both already! I cannot wait to visit again and check out more of your awesome city!