Pleasant Street Theater

A non-food related post today: a tribute, if you will, to one of my favorite places and its people!

Living in the town where you went to college can be really hard. For those that move away after graduation, the idea may seem sort of romantic. I think you inevitably hold the place that you spend crucial, formative years on a pedestal. But what often gets overlooked is that the people you spent those formative years with will leave... And you will be alone.

I found myself here, in good old Northampton, with just my boyfriend. My friends scattered across the country. Having grown up in a house full of siblings and making a name for myself by always planning some sort of friend gathering (costume party, movie night, you name it), I was pretty lonely. I have a hard time with the transitional point of meeting someone, thinking they're nice or cool or funny, and then making the leap to actually being friends. In fact, it really wasn't until a few years ago that I met a group of people that became really, truly close friends.

I began working at an independent cinema, and that is when I stumbled upon a pretty remarkable group of humans. Smart, quirky, creative, fiercely loyal, and absolutely beautiful. I would like to take a moment to thank those people. I love you. I met you working in a magical place that has since closed. It will forever be remembered as instrumental in my growth as a friend and as a person.

In the last weeks of the theater being operational, Tyler took some photographs that I would like to share with you all. This place was my home. And these people (as well as many not pictured) are my family. Always <3

This next batch was taken by Kate Lavo a couple of winters back. Also beautiful. Victor and Kate, I miss you guys! XO

After closing, some of us went over to Amherst Cinema to work. But ultimately, the change was very difficult, and the commute wasn't working out. A small group has remained intact, however, and we can be found over at Popcorn Noir in Easthampton. We're building ourselves a new home! Come say hi!