Macro, May-I-Have-A-Cupcake?

As I'm sure I've mentioned, Tyler got a really nice camera recently. And he's been taking really stunning photos for me!

I have always loved photography, but I definitely come at it with a less-trained eye. I took one class in high school a million years ago, learned the basics about composition and developing, and have never really used more than a point-and-shoot. This piece of equipment is intimidating and awe-inspiring, but I'm definitely excited to learn.

Even more recently, Tyler decided to purchase a macro lens for his camera, now dubbed "the cupcake lens." Macro focus is something that makes the internet understand just how detailed my little cakes are.

It's definitely the "oooh and aaah lens" to me, and it makes my cupcakes look *almost* more beautiful than in real life. Almost.
(All above photos by Tyler Gorman)