Trial and Error

Recipe testing over this way... And one of these days I will not have to post my obligatory "gluten-free recipe testing really kicked my butt again" updates. But sadly, today is not that day. Please observe.

Photo 1.) Happy, hopeful gluten-free and vegan red velvet cupcakes rising in the oven, a whole world of possibilities ahead of them.

Photo 2.) Sad, concave gluten-free and vegan red velvet "cupcakes" that look more like literal cups than cakes of any kind.

On the brighter side, lessons learned from this unfortunate event:
  • Do not put too much fat in a gluten-free cupcake. This mostly applies to non-evaporating fat. For example, butter has water content that evaporates in the oven, helping create rise. Margarine does not.
  • Do not open the oven, even for a second, to check on the cupcakes in the first 3/4 of their baking time. I already knew this one, but had it confirmed very harshly. Your cakes are forming important structural components during this time, and if disturbed, you will not get adequate (or any, in my case) rise.

OK, back to the oven. Progress MUST be made!