Happy Happy Happy

Hello sweet readers,
I went on an adventure last week. A flight out to Chicago for a job interview, expenses paid. It was like the Twilight Zone. I know. I can't say anything yet, but cross your fingers for me. #DREAM JOB. ::sigh::

Anyway, the reason this is relevant: Remember how I was having a trial at Popcorn Noir to sell my cupcakes retail? Well, in order to get to the airport on time, I had to drop off my little cakes with the PN staff, most of whom have never had my cupcakes or even seen them before. I never do this, and it also meant that I had to be in the dark about how they were selling, how they were being received, etc.

Photo by Tyler Gorman

I always have lots of personal interaction with my customers. And believe me, it made me NERVOUS to be so far away. I texted up a storm trying to dig up any kind of information. I didn't find out much, but I know they sold out before 6:00 pm! Given that I dropped them off at 11:00 am, the restaurant is closed from 2:00-5:30, and there is no movie in the theater until 7:00 pm... I say, WOW!

I've also been lucky enough to hear some feedback via facebook from customers and also from the staff at Popcorn Noir since returning from my trip. Everyone seemed so happy to be able to buy them retail, and I'm ecstatic to have been able to offer something new to my eagerly waiting gluten-free crowd.

Photo by Justin Hahn

There is one question though that I would like to address. Staff at Popcorn Noir mentioned that a couple of people were unsure about the size of the cakes ("These are a little small..."), and I sometimes get this comment/question at events as well. I would like to stress that these are gourmet, artisan cupcakes. They are made all from scratch with high quality ingredients, decorated by hand entirely, and are very rich. They are consciously made traditional size and not as jumbo cupcakes. I truly believe that once you try one, the size will make complete sense!

On an exciting note- later this week I will be announcing the next round of samplers (likely available some time in the next 2 weeks). The We All Scream for Ice Cream sampler will include Twist (marbled cake with marbled frosting), Rootbeer Float (dipped in rootbeer glaze, vanilla bean buttercream, truffle drizzle), and Rocky Road (marshmallow center, topped with salty toasted walnuts). Gluten-free variations will be available upon request. Stay tuned for more details!!