I'm a Fighter

Why hello there, my dear friends!

It has been a month. OK, wait. More than a month. The only explanation I can offer is that I got a job. A shiny, sparkly, new and exciting job!

But I am sorry to report that lately I have been completely swallowed up by this new job. Swallowed. I am rising to the challenge, but the extra hours as I learn the ropes are definitely putting a damper on my entrepreneurship.

Don't mistake me: I am fighting hard to keep the cupcakes going. But please be patient with the blog until I get my footing.

That said, I am doing a lot of cool things right now that fans of this blog may be interested to follow!

What is this sparkly new job, you ask? Well, check it out: I am the new Community Manager for Lightlife! That means that I manage the online presence of the brand (via Facebook and Twitter). I post recipes, links to current news articles on fitness or living green, and I occasionally get to travel around and chat with people about Lightlife's products and simple, delicious ways to eat meatless.

Devouring a veggie burger at the Head of the Charles Regatta

My goal is to slowly ease back into the blogging and online presence of Brave New Cupcakes over the next month or two. So keep your eyes peeled- we'll be interesting again soon, I promise!

That said, I apologize for the infrequent blog posts as of late. And I hope you'll bear with me! I miss you all terribly!