Forest's Birthday

I had the good fortune to make some extra special cupcakes for an extra special little boy. Have you ever seen a sweeter face??

Photo by Marisa Filippone

Forest, turning 2 years old, is a transportation aficionado. Cars, trucks, boats, planes... he loves them all. And so when his mother explained that she didn't have much of a theme planned for the party other than colors and brunch snacks, I knew exactly what we should do.

I had been meaning to purchase some chocolate molds anyway, and why not have airplanes be my first experiment??

We went with Pancake Breakfast cupcakes, but we wanted to make sure that we could make the frosting look like swirling clouds and sky. That meant we couldn't use our normal frosting, which is dyed with blueberry compote for a deep purple color. Instead, we used the blueberry compote as a filling and made a classic vanilla bean frosting (this way we could dye it whatever color we wanted).

After whipping up some white chocolate airplanes and shining them up with some gold luster dust.... VOILA! Time to celebrate!
Did I mention that some teeny, tiny red velvets also made an appearance for brunch? Absolutely nothing cuter.  :)
Photo by Marisa Filippone

Photo by Marisa Filippone