Product Review: VEGAN Hot Fudge

OK... I'm going to spare you the sales pitch here because I have legitimately tasted one of the best vegan products I've ever had. Yes, it was sent to me as a sample to review. And by disclosing that as I am, I hope you will recognize that I am writing a completely unbiased review of it here because frankly I am floored. I feel genuinely and sincerely that this product is AWESOME.

Chef Wheeler del Torro, currently working out of Boston, has just come out with a new line of vegan chocolate sauce. That's right... not chocolate syrup, but actual honest-to-goodness hot fudge that is thick and rich and delicious. The texture is spot on, and warmed in the microwave it will just about knock your socks off.

I'm not sure what to say about it other than the fact that it has been rationed down to the last drop because I am tearful about the little jar I have running out. It is delectable. I've had it on pie, on ice cream sundaes, and straight out of the dang jar with a spoon.

I got to try the plain chocolate, but there are 7 flavors that I am dying to sample. It's available for sale at 3 Scoops in Boston and on Etsy.

Look into it. I promise you will not be disappointed!