Branching Out!

This week there was a lot... and I mean A LOT... of recipe testing happening. Cakes and pies and sweet and savory. So many flavors. So much food. Honestly, I have a pretty serious belly ache. But so worth it!

Pies are a new thing for me. I've always been pretty bad with pie crusts. It's such a specific skill, and most of my baking prowess was acquired during the vegan period of my life. Vegan pie crusts are really difficult because butter is so important in creating the "flaky" element of pie crust and the chemical make-up of butter is basically impossible to mimic. Oil-based substitutes just aren't the same. But really it's all a puzzle... and any puzzle can be solved!

I'm happy to report that this weekend we finally cracked the case, friends! Flaky, vegan pie crust achieved. CHECK.

And now that brings us to the fillings. So many options! I had a few priorities: something savory, something unsweetened, and something traditional-ish.

Below we have the results (pardon the poor quality- the weekend was a little hectic, so I iPhone-d it): Balsamic Strawberry Basil, Pear with Vanilla Bean, and Caramelized Onion and Mushroom with Chevre and Toasted Walnuts.

Overall great success! I'll be tweaking the fruit pies a bit in the future, but that savory guy was a straight-up winner. I could eat about 100 of them... Dangerous stuff.


Cute little hand pies about to be baked!

Balsamic Strawberry kisses!

Happy recipe-testers!