Healthy Breakfasts: Week 4

This week was difficult.  I had a seriously hectic schedule, and making good decisions on the run is always the hardest part of any life change. It's just so darn easy to slide back into a comfortable pattern... established routines, however self-destructive, are powerful. With the exception of a side order of french fries, I think I passed the test! I had breakfast each day. And that is what matters most!

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Yogurt w fruit & almond butter, 1/2 bagel w egg and greens.

Cherry, pineapple, almond butter, almond milk, raw cacao smoothie.

Spinach w olive, tomato, feta, cucumber & carrot. Coffee.

Hummus and roasted veg on whole wheat. Coffee. Fries.

Greens w mango & avocado. Cod baked w lime, onion, basil.