Healthy Breakfasts: Week 5

As I get farther and farther into this journey of healthier eating, I'm finding that instead of these posts just serving as a show-and-tell I would rather them be a source of ideas for other people struggling with that "Hmm... maybe I'll order a pizza because I just don't know what to cook" impulse. Believe me, I am intimately familiar.

It's so easy to fall back on take-out, but just a few ingredients that seem like they're part of that "there's no food in the house" feeling can actually turn into a complete and healthy meal with very little time and effort. You just have to change your perspective!

Sauteed kale & mushrooms, baked sweet potato, hard-boiled egg. Coffee.

Greens w tomato, egg, & hummus. Yogurt w mango & berries. Coffee. 

Whole wheat pancakes. Black bean burger scramble.

Salad w avocado, tomato, red onion, hard-boiled egg. Coffee.

Raw cacao, cherry, almond smoothie.