Healthy Breakfasts: Weekend Edition

A friend wrote on Instagram, "I love that you eat unconventional breakfast food in the morning." And I really appreciate someone pointing that out. Limiting myself to "breakfast foods" really makes my brain spin... and, in fact, *might* be the reason I often skipped breakfast all-together in the past. I felt like I was out of ideas... or everything sounded boring... and so I would just wait until later when something else sounded better or easier.

EAT WHAT YOU HAVE! Most of my meals are leftovers or partial leftovers re-made into something slightly different. Don't follow someone else's rules about meals. I've been craving savory lately, so I've gone all the way savory. In fact, most of my breakfasts are bigger and more substantial than my dinners. YUM.

Salmon w lemon. Steamed squash. Greens. Coffee.

Vegetable quiche. Salad w cucumber and carrot.