Living up to my Name

Brave is the very first word of my name. Time to live up to the hype.

I have been dying to try out some unusual cupcake flavor combinations, but they're hard sells when you don't have a store front where people can nibble and taste. It's a big commitment to order a dozen cupcakes in a flavor you're just not so sure about. I totally understand that.

However, at this point, I have come to the conclusion that sometimes I just have to bake for ME. And I am not a chocolate and vanilla kind of a girl. So consider this the beginning of some intriguing, unusual, and probably-absolutely-delicious-if-you-gave-them-the-chance flavors, at the very least on the blog and perhaps thrown into a sampler pack here and there. Consider trying one next time you order! I promise they're just not that scary.

I tested two new flavor combinations this past Sunday. The first was a lemon cake dipped in a rosemary glaze, topped with a lemon buttercream and toasted pinenuts: Citrus and Rosemary with Toasted Pinenuts. The second was a classic chocolate cake filled with homemade pistachio vegan whipped cream and topped with rosewater infused frosting. Oh, and sprinkled with roasted pistachios. Chocolate Rosewater with Pistachio Cream. Try not to drool too much.

I will definitely be making some changes to the Citrus and Rosemary with Toasted Pinenuts to bring out the savory notes and tone down the lemon. But a good first run, for sure. And I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the Chocolate Rosewater with Pistachio Cream is actual one of the most refined and balanced flavors I've ever created. And on the test-run! Score.

Very productive and successful weekend, if I do say so myself!

Rosemary glaze in the making.

Little beauties just post-garnish.

Chocolate Rosewater with Pistachio Cream.

Citrus with Rosemary and Toasted Pinenuts.

In love with the look of them! So naturally pretty.

The pistachio cream was luscious and rich... a killer surprise to bite into!

Pistachio cream. Seriously, this could have been served up in bowls.

Tyler Gorman: Master Taste-Tester.