Small Touches. Big Impact.

Sometimes people ask me what makes my cupcakes stand out from the rest. And honestly, I never know what to say.

When I started baking, I didn't know anything fancy. Culinary school didn't spend more than 2 days on cake baking/decorating. But what I have always had that not everyone else shares is an insane attention for detail. I have made that a star in my cupcakes.

Now, the beautiful part of that is all of YOU, no matter your skill level, can take some of these "details" and elevate your baking exponentially. "What on earth are you talking about, Ashley?" Let me show you...

Say you have a favorite cake recipe. Or a boxed cake mix laying around even. Bake those suckers, and then dress them to impress!

Cut a little hole out of the center and fill it with something delicious. The below cupcakes feature homemade truffles and the ones below that are filled with marzipan, but you could fill your cakes with preserves, nut butter, marshmallow... you name it!

Dip or glaze your cakes. The below cupcakes have caramel on them, but you could buy or make a glaze, dip them in maple syrup... the possibilities are endless!

Top those babies with something beautiful. Fresh fruit, herb leaves, chunks of cookies or candy bars. Or, like below, cover something you love in chocolate- ALWAYS a good idea!

 Seriously though, try some of these tricks out. Send me pictures. You can do it! MAKE BEAUTIFUL THINGS!