This is the summer of weddings...

Warm, sunny, and with nature out in full bloom.... Summer is truly the perfect backdrop for any kind of gathering. And cupcakes, being adorable AND affordable, are in high demand for these events. Lucky for me.

Last month I had the pleasure of working with a couple who live right in the neighboring town of Florence, and they chose some really fun and summery flavors to feature at their outdoor ceremony and reception. I could not have been more thrilled to be included, and both the couple as well as the event coordinator were an absolute pleasure to work with.

My flavor recommendations for summer celebrations are always bright, citrus-based, and colorful. And this event was no exception. First we started with the ever-popular Raspberry Lemonade cupcake. The base flavor of both the cake and the frosting is LEMON (those caps are no mistake). Lemon zest, lemon juice, you name it.

To make these wedding cakes stand out from your run-of-the-mill Raspberry Lemonades, I dusted the raspberries with some luster dust. It gave them an ethereal sheen that just screamed "Special Occasion!"

The second flavor was Red Velvet, a classic that typically features cream cheese frosting. Since we're an all-vegan operation, we top ours with a killer vanilla bean buttercream. The additions of lemon zest and almond extract kick this frosting up a notch and elevate it beyond your run-of-the-mill vanilla.

The final cake flavor was one developed several years ago for my little brother who requested a birthday cake with "twist cake" and "twist frosting." The name Twist refers to chocolate and vanilla swirled soft serve. These little cakes embody the very essence of summer nostalgia,  evoking the feeling of a sunset trip to the local soft serve ice cream parlor.

I love being part of all of your parties- whether they be birthdays, retirement parties, baby showers... So thanks again, Beth and Jake- Ecstatic to be a part of your big day! And keep your eyes peeled for an update. Once the wedding photographer completes the final wedding photos, I will be sure to share images of these beauties all set up at the reception.