A Beautiful Summer Send Off

Honest to goodness, I have never been so proud of a sampler... Perhaps that's because all the flavors were brand new, or perhaps it's because I've taken a long enough break from samplers to really appreciate how much I've grown as a chef and baker. Regardless, I am P R O U D.

These babies were beautiful. Like delicate, glittering jewels. But above all, they were delicious. You opened that box and were hit with a floral scent that could have come straight from a wildflower meadow. Sweet, but not too sweet. Delicate, interesting, and an absolute tribute to the glorious Western Massachusetts summer of 2013. Let's recap the flavors so you know what we're dealing with.
  • Chocolate Rosewater Pistachio: chocolate cake filled with a pistachio pastry cream and topped with a rosewater frosting. 
  • Sweet Tea with Mint: citrus cake dipped in a fresh mint glaze and topped with a black tea frosting. 
  • Almond and Orange Blossom: almond cake filled with almond paste and topped with an orange blossom frosting and sugared flower garnish. 
Again... proud of myself. And proud of Tyler. LOOK at these photos. ::sigh:: He is amazing.

And I have to point out these up-close-and-personal shots he took with his macro lens. They make even me drool... and I don't eat cake anymore.