Pies and Tarts and Holiday Details

So Thanksgiving (we have to talk about it before it becomes Christmas!). How was yours? Mine was very, very low key. In fact, I only cooked for Tyler and myself. AND we ended up only making pies for customers. Not a single cupcake! Firsts on all counts.

But let me tell you about these pies. We had the classics.

Pumpkin with fresh ginger and maple syrup. Vegan, sumptuous, and with a fresh flavor like no other pumpkin pie you've tasted.

Apple Raspberry with lemon zest and a starry crust top. This is my new favorite way to top a pie. I mean, come on! Fun to make, beautiful to look at, the perfect texture. You win all around!

And finally, the show-stopper: Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Tart with hazelnut pistachio crust. Gluten free AND vegan! The chocolate flavor of this was rich and intense, perfect for the choco-holic in your life.
We will be offering these pies as well as a Chocolate Covered Cherry Tart with Marzipan for the upcoming holidays as well. Just like before, all are $20 each. In addition, we'll have mini samplers ($15/dozen) of holiday cupcakes (mixture of chocolate peppermint, chocolate gingersnap, eggnog, and raspberry clove). Please order by 12/20! Pick-up will be 12/22 and 12/23.