Kate and Evan: Late Summer Wedding

This past summer, I was lucky enough to bake for the sister of a childhood friend. Kate and her sweetheart, Evan, got married at Kate's family home right on the water in Southern Maine. It's an idyllic locale at the bend of a brackish river in Scarborough Marsh. Their "altar" was a dock at the base of the property, and the backdrop was the sunset. I mean, COME ON! A sweet, rustic fairy tale.

Kate and Evan chose to go with mini cupcakes rather than traditional size so that their guests could sample several flavors of cake. And to match their outdoors-in-the-summer theme, they decided on the following assortment: Sweet Tea with Mint, Raspberry Lemonade, Chocolate Cherry Marzipan, and Mexican Chocolate... a little something for everyone! They completed the final display with a chalkboard sign noting the flavors, and I made sure to top each little cake with a telling garnish so people could easily differentiate (mint leaf, whole raspberry, chocolate-covered almond, and chunk of spicy chocolate with red sugar respectively).

All photos by Bonnie Harrison Photography, Inc.

Mexican Chocolate

Chocolate Cherry Marzipan
Raspberry Lemonade

Sweet Tea with Mint

I spent lots of time at Kate and Jen's house as a teenager, and now that we're all grown up (sort of!) I am so so happy to see all these beautiful things unfold. Best wishes to you both! I am flattered and honored to have been included in your special day! For other weddings I've been a part of, see my portfolio.

All photos by Bonnie Harrison Photography, Inc.