Ganache! Ganache! Ganache!

You read that right. We had a double birthday party a few days ago. The boyfriend AND my oldest friend in this little Pioneer Valley were both celebrating, so it had to be a serious dessert! Two layers of moist chocolate cake sandwiching some seriously delicious salty-and-sweet PB cream mixed with cookie crumbs. Oh, and all enrobed with a velvety chocolate ganache.

Covering a cake in ganache is a great option if you're short on time, not into cake decorating, and/or want something decadent but a little less sweet. I wrote up a post not too long ago with my ganache recipe; you can find it right here. So you know what that means… You should really try making it for yourself!

Pouring ganache makes cakes look amazing and is so simple you wouldn't even believe it. I promise I'm not exaggerating - You can see just how easy it is right here. Pour away!