Springtime Cocktail Hour!

One of my very favorite things to do when winter finally starts to retreat, and the general disposition of the weather is a bit more sunny, is sit on my little porch after a long day of work with a delicious cocktail. What more could you ask for, truly? Just give me a sun spot, a warm breeze, and a kitschy tumbler filled with something special to sip.

I will admit, however, that cocktails are something I don't know much about. Aside from enjoying them on occasion, I have not made very many. And I have recently decided to do a bit of research on this front... Reading up on techniques, perusing Pinterest for beautiful and interesting sounding combinations, and of course taste-testing. I hope you'll join me because we'll be doing a little monthly feature called "Cocktail Hour," and I would very much love your company!

To get us started, I wanted to share a cocktail that I recently whipped up for a friend's housewarming party: ROSE GARDEN. Are you intrigued? It was the perfect way to usher in spring, and ideal for a gathering since the measurements are for a small pitcher.

*Note: this is 2 batches of the written recipe!

Please note, I did NOT personally create this cocktail. The recipe is by Carlene Thomas of Healthfully Ever After, and was featured on Swooned. And I will let you travel to the source for the exact ratios, but close your eyes and imagine the most heavenly combination of gin, lemon, cucumbers, and rosewater dancing on your tongue. The best. Get mixing!