Top Tier!

Everyone knows I make cupcakes. And though I'm not usually one to toot my own horn, I will say that I have a lot of confidence in the quality of my baking. The kitchen is a place where my extreme attention to detail happens to be an asset!

As of this summer, I'm adding a new item to my repertoire - the TOP TIER CAKE. It's is a 7" diameter layer cake perfect for the cutting-of-the-cake tradition at weddings.

As you might imagine, offering anything new can be a little scary. Especially for a Type A overachiever. So practice, practice, practice is my motto! A friend's birthday party was this past week, and I jumped at the opportunity to make a totally-too-decadent centerpiece to hone my skillz.

The first part of the process involved baking and evenly slicing two small cakes. Then I alternated slathering a rustic homemade marzipan and a tangy raspberry curd between the layers. So far, so good!

I wanted to see how difficult it would be to get a good and smooth outer layer without any fancy frosting decoration. Turns out it is tricky, but not impossible. And I showed this lime buttercream who's boss, for sure. I cannot wait to pull out all the stops for the fabulous couples I'm working with this summer and fall!

Raspberry lime layer cake with marzipan and pistachios.

If this cake design looks familiar to you, the crescent of berries was inspired by this photo by Meredith Lord Photography that I first saw on Pinterest. Pardon my terrible iPhone photos in comparison with this stunning photography!