Ok. I have no words for this wedding. There is something very special about seeing a close friend get married. It's so different than a family wedding. For whatever reason I seem to cry more… It's strange and beautiful to see friends grow up, and weddings surely are a pointed measure of that growth.

**All photos taken by the amazing Zac Wolf Photography***

 Michael was my roommate from 2008 until 2010. Aside from being the best kind of goofball and an incomparable listener, he's been an encouragement to me since the beginning of this little foodie adventure. In fact, he happened to live in my house while I was testing the prototypes of all of my cake recipes. He ate many, MANY a cake… the good, the bad, and the questionable. Always with a smile, even when there was constructive criticism. So when I heard that after he proposed to Mandy and she said yes that I was one of only three requests he had for his future wedding, I could not have been more flattered. And excited!

And nervous. This was the first time I've made the cakes AND been a guest, and it was a wild ride. Hot weather, bumpy travel… My first EVER top tier cake! But good LORD was it fun! The perfect group of people, delicious food, beautiful location, and a ludicrously awesome photo booth. Stress was left by the wayside after one cocktail and a spin around the dance floor! And dare I say it? The cakes looked and tasted pretty damn great as well.

And that top tier cake… So proud. Verklempt really. Love you guys!