I went to high school with Becka and Tyler. Having people pop back into your life is by far the best part of being involved in peoples' weddings. So fun! Hi guys!
**All stunning photos taken by Justine Johnson Photography**

I consider myself thrifty, detail-oriented, and good with my hands… but Becka is now my reigning queen of all things DIY. OK, Tyler gets credit too.

I have been to lots of weddings with DIY elements, but this wedding was on another level. When I pulled up to Becka and Tyler's sweet little house in Hollis, Maine, the first thing I noticed was an open barn with string lights, lots and lots of mums, and handmade Hollywood-style bulb letters.

And then there were the lanterns hiding in all of the trees, the hand-dyed table cloths, the "Happily Ever After" moss-covered backdrop… I can't even describe it all. They're my idols.

Homemade record cake stands.

Homemade Star Wars themed topper. I know.

Super heroes, really. I was so thrilled to be a part of it all. Thanks, you guys!