(place orders at least 48 hours in advance) 

1. Choose a flavor

Check the flavors link for a current list of offered flavors. For cupcakes, flavors are offered in increments of 6 or 12 (24 for mini cupcakes). If you are interested in a sampler to try out a few different flavors, these are offered intermittently. Follow me on Facebook for updates.

2. Decide how many you need

A minimum order is 1 dozen cupcakes. You may get more than one flavor in this dozen (2 to be exact).

3. Send an email

The best way to place an order is to send an email to bravenewcupcakes@gmail.combravenewcupcakes@gmail.com. Be as detailed as possible with any special needs or requests, and I will get back to you promptly.



$30 per dozen; $18 per half-dozen  *unless otherwise noted
$20 per mini-cupcake dozen (minimum order is 2 dozen for minis)


$50 per top tier cake (6" diameter layer cake)


$30 per pie. Flavors vary by season.

Delivery for pies and cakes is sometimes available. Inquire for availability and pricing.
Orders accepted from Western Massachusetts only (unless otherwise noted). Weddings/large events considered in surrounding states; delivery fee may apply. Contact for details.


Interested in having someone create a personalized menu for a week's worth of food, do all the shopping, prepare the food in your own kitchen, and clean up all of the evidence? Or maybe you just need a one-time service for a dinner party? Get in touch! 

Please note, however, that I am a vegetarian chef. I have expertise in whole foods preparation, recipe conversion for special dietary needs, and baking. General pricing: $45/hour plus the cost of food. To inquire more about this, simply send an email to bravenewcupcakes@gmail.com.