This is a very small/local operation that is currently without a storefront, but I know that some of you would prefer to try flavors before committing to the 6-cupcake minimum. Thus, I try to offer samplers as often as I can. Samplers are a half-dozen cupcakes consisting of 3 - 6 pre-chosen, different flavors. Orders are taken for a limited window, and the cupcakes are distributed on a set day. 

Samplers are offered around most holidays or change of season (typically with seasonal flavors). We always post on Facebook to mark when they are available. Because I have to make samplers in increments of 6, there is a cut-off for the number of orders accepted. This means it is a good idea to get your order in early. We accept orders via email, and payment can be made when you receive your half-dozen cupcakes. Prices vary.

Summer Sampler 2012
Summer Send Off Sampler 2013
Springtime Happy Hour Sampler 2012
Summer is Here! Sampler 2011